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Do you still have Windows 7 on your computer? 

Windows 7 will reach the “end of life” stage January 14, 2020. 

What does this mean?  

End of life means Microsoft will no longer be looking after it. It doesn’t mean it will stop working, it just means that Microsoft will no longer be releasing critical security updates and such.  

Right now, Microsoft releases security patches all the time.  
“Bad guys” look for ways to get us, Microsoft tries to stop them. It’s an ongoing “game”. 

So, what should you do? 

  • One option is to do nothing. If you leave your windows 7 computer the way it is, it will no longer be secure on the internet.  

Don’t go on the internet?  
No problem.  

You do go on the internet?  
You are taking a chance.  

The risk will keep getting higher and higher as time goes on. So, if you have nothing on your computer you care about losing, and you have no personal information on it, and you do not do any online transactions (like banking or purchasing things or filling out forms with personal information), then who cares right?  
Just make sure it’s not on the same network as other computers you care about either.  Then just use it until it’s done. 

  • A better option is to upgrade your computer to windows 10. 

Windows 10 has more security features built in and Microsoft will keep updating it (we don’t have an end of life date for it yet). 

A few things to consider if you are thinking of upgrading to windows 10. First, make sure your hardware is good enough. The official hardware requirements for Windows 10 are pretty low, but if you want a computer that is going to run decently, our recommendations are: 

  • make sure it’s not much older than about 5 years,  
  • has an Intel I series cpu or similar (like I3, I5)  
  • 8gb of ram (4gb bare minimum). Ram is upgradable, the CPU is usually not. 

How do I upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10? 


  • Or, we can do it for you! You can drop off your computer here, or in some cases we can do a remote upgrade.  

In both cases a backup of anything important should be done beforehand.   
But, you already have back-ups running for your important data, right?  
If not, we can help with that too. 

The cost?  

We charge a $100.00 flat fee for this. This includes doing all windows security patches afterwards as well. We will also update Acrobat reader, Chrome, Firefox, Flash, Java, and such. 

Need a hardware upgrade?  

We have ram in stock. Prices for ram vary greatly by type and size. But between $50 and $60.00 should give you 4more gb. Another great upgrade to get more speed is to put in a solid state hard drive. Prices on these have come way down. You can now get a decent SSD for between $100.00 and $150.00 (or cheaper even). We also have a wide range of refurbished computers ready to go, already preloaded with windows 10.  

Have any questions? 

We are here for you. 

We perform free estimates so bring your system in and we can let you know if it is Windows 10 ready, if we recommend hardware upgrades, or if a new system would be the most economical option.