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Managed Services

"Thank you (ACS) for my much lowered stress level and peace of mind."

“Nothing’s working! My business is at a standstill.

I’m losing money.

When will we be back up and running?”

Managed IT service is like having a computer tech look at your computer every day. We manage your computers from our office, so you don’t have to. This reduces security risks as well as potential down time. A lot of times we can either prevent problems all together or keep small problems from become nightmares.

System monitoring.

We keep an eye on windows services, your antivirus, backup checks (does not include actual backup service), hard drive check, failed logins, critical events and more.

System Monitoring and preventative maintenance.

We do the monitoring as well as apply windows critical updates, cleanup temp files, update other major software.

Managed endpoint protection.

We will take care of your antivirus and security package. No more renewing and updating antivirus software. We get notified of threats so we can take care of things quicker or before they become a problem.

Web Protection. (optional)

Blocking of known bad websites. Also capable of blocking custom websites and do bandwidth control on a per user basis.

Basic support package. (minor remote support included)

Includes minor fixes and support via our remote management system. And if needed, priority availability for bigger issues.

With this system we can also remote in and help you while you are on your computer.

*Remote Management Bundle. $25.00 per month per computer

All of the above in one bundle for your Peace of Mind.


***please note server pricing starts at $50.00 per month

Peace of mind!

You can afford to have your own IT department.

Our technicians can now manage all windows updates and patches, internet security software, monitor network security, error logs and hard drive health through remote management. Your business gets experiences techs monitoring your updates and patches daily

Why managed services?


Your small business can now benefit from the software developed for big corporations to save them money and keep their data safe.

The necessity for increased security of personal and client information has made it so computer software needs to be updated frequently to keep that information safe. Updates from windows, web browsers, internet security software, and many other software programs that keep your business running smoothly are very important to stop virus infection and information leaks.

Cost effective and efficient solutions

Updates can also cause trouble and can be time consuming if you aren’t familiar with the process. Our experienced techs look after security updates for hundreds of computers, so we know what to do and how to fix updates that cause trouble, many times we fix a problem before it becomes one.

“…All businesses need business “partners” and ACS Computers is one that keeps our business running smoothly.”

Jan Ashcroft

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