“What would happen if you lost all your data?
Would you still be in business tomorrow?”

Managed backups:
We make sure your data is backed up and protected. Yes, we watch the results on a daily basis (every business day).

A few questions for you:

  • Is your data important? If not, you may not even need backups. 🙂
  • how long could you go without your data?
  • How long could you go without a computer?
  • Does your current backup allow you to go back in time?  (to a version before the mistake was made)

Managed Online Backup – PC. $19.99 per computer per month (includes 100gb)
-We monitor your backups on a daily basis!
*discounts available for multiple computers at the same location with low data.

Managed Online Backup – Server.  $99.99 per computer per month (up to 500gb)
-We monitor your backups on a daily basis!

Why let us manage your backups?
-we’ve seen too many times where people lost all their stuff due to no one watching the backups. Backup software needs to be looked after to make sure it actually runs, to make sure it actually backs your data up, and to make sure it can actually be restored.

-We monitor it.  We fix minor problems if they occur and will phone you if there is a bigger problem.

Peace of mind!


Want more information? Email us or phone us at (250) 334-2000