If you have a question, please contact us!

  1. Do you guarantee your service work?
    We guarantee our service work forever!
    If we did something wrong, we’ll fix it!

  2. Do you match pricing?
    We try to match pricing; and usually we can. We make an effort to price items competitively to start with. In the event that our pricing isn’t competitive we always welcome you to tell us. We appreciate the chance to match or beat prices (thanks for trying us first). For some items such as computer cables and adapters we are normally already a lot cheaper than the big stores.

  3. How long have you been in business?
    ACS Computer Solutions has been doing business in the Comox Valley since 1992. When most computers were still running dos, had floppy drives and cd roms were a $500.00 option (never mind a sound card). Then came the internet at a blazing 9600bps dial up speed. There was no such thing as a web browser and email was done via “pine”. When we upgraded people to windows 3.1 they needed to upgrade from 1mb ram to 4mb to run smoothly (at about $200.00 per mb).