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Do you backup your computer on a regular basis?

What if???

Your hard drive crashed tomorrow?

Your computer was stolen?

Your house or place of business burned down?

 Not a nice thing to think about, but what would you do?

What items do you really need? The most common items people need or want to backup are:

  • Items stored in “my documents”,
  • emails and address books,
  • favourites,
  • items on the desktop,
  • financial data.
  • Some programs store data in their own folder. ┬áLike QuickBooks and quick tax and Simply accounting and such.

The best way to think about what needs to be backed up is to actually think about your computer being gone. What will you miss? Another thing to do is to keep a list by your computer for a week or so and write down what you do with your computer and what data you use.

Now you need to decide how often the data changes and how much you can afford to lose. How much time would it take you to update or recreate your files since the last time you did a back up?

Now you can decide how to back up. There are several options ranging from burning a DVD to doing off site backups. It is a good idea to have backups automated. Manual backups are easily put off for another day or just forgotten. It may be a good idea to talk to a computer shop at this time to go over options.

The last step is to do a mock disaster. This is where we pretend we lost everything and see if we can actually get it back from our backups. Tests like these should be done every now and then to make sure things are being backed up properly.

Note: Make sure to check your backup software on a regular basis to see that it actually ran. Most backup software has a log were you can check results of previous backup jobs.

Check our section of downloadable software for backup software called “synckback”.

Give us a call about offsite backup solutions available.