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Thank you Comox Valley!

Let us thank you in person at our:

Open House Celebration
Saturday June 15th 2019
1:00pm -5:00pm

Bring the whole family, have a slushie and some popcorn, watch the Data Crusher, play tetris on a 486 running windows 3.1 and enter to win some great prizes!
PLUS get some great ACS swag that celebrates our beautiful Comox Valley!

Swag for everyone! (while quantities last)

Bring home a ACS mug with a cheerful marigold or an ACS Lanyard with a Kingston memory stick loaded with pictures of our beautiful Valley!

Free Secure Data Destruction

Since starting our Recycle for Charity program  in 2018 we have donated $1200.00 to local charities and crushed over 200+ hard drives!!
This month our Charity is Friends of Boomer’s Legacy Comox Valley.

Bring your computer in for recycling and watch your data be destroyed by our Data Crusher,

We’ll donate $5.00 to Boomers Legacy for each laptop or tower brought in to our store for recycling.
We will also be collecting donations for Boomers at the Open house.

Better yet crush it yourself – we have found it to be very therapeutic!

$100.00 in Gift certificates to give away – just show up and enter the draw!

A new $25.00 gift certificate draw every hour!
From 2- 5 pm

Our gift to you!

 These certificates can be used for anything in the store – service or product.

 4 Gift certificates

4:30 Grand Prize Draw – Lenovo N42 Chromebook Laptop ($299.95 value)N42 Chromebook Laptop – The Ultimate Education Chromebook

Portable, powerful, and durable, the Lenovo N42 Chromebook is a perfect fit for the classroom. Rugged enough to take a beating between classes, the N42 Chromebook also has a long battery life to keep you busy throughout the school day. Create, share and collaborate with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides then stay synced across your devices for the ultimate flexibility in how you want to work at school or home. With just a Google login account, you can be up and running in less than 8 seconds. Because Chromebooks automatically update, you always have the latest features and virus protection.

Business Draw – Business IT Audit ($399.99 value) (link to Business IT Consultation)No purchase necessary – great giveaway for a small Valley business

We will be drawing for this gift at 5pm – making a local business owner very happy!

Providing business owners with peace of mind is our mission.

When the technology you use to do business makes your job easier, you have more time to focus on what’s important to you – building your business, working with
clients, giving back to the community or spending time enjoying the beautiful place we live with friends and family!

Whatever your priorities, know that our priority is to ensure that your technology supports an efficient, secure workplace that runs smoothly.

Thank you!

Come for a visit and have some goodies we are so thankful for the years of success the Valley has given us!